Ichijinsha is a Japanese publishing company focused on manga-related publication, including magazines and books. The company was first established in August 1992 as a limited company under the name Studio DNA which main purpose was to edit shōnen manga. In January 1998, Studio DNA became a public company and moved from merely editing to now being a publishing company. In December 2001, a publishing company was formed named Issaisha which started the shōjo manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum. In March 2005, Studio DNA and Issaisha merged into the current Ichijinsha company.[1]


Chara Mel

Comic Rex

Comic Yuri Hime

Comic Yuri Hime S

Manga 4-koma Kings Palette

Monthly Comic Zero Sum

Monthly Comic Zero Sum is a monthly shōjo manga (targeted towards girls) magazine published by Ichijinsha. It contains over six-hundred pages and has a variety of genres. Its newest manga, #000000 ~ultra black~, debuted in autumn 2007. Well-known manga include Saiyuki Reload, Amatsuki, 07 Ghost and Loveless. Some manga chapters have furigana next to kanji in the speech bubbles, which caters to the attention of readers of all ages.

Serialized manga:

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