After the Saiyuki "Premium" OVA was released in 1999, the manga received a proper TV anime adaptation, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, in 2000, and ADV licensed & released both the entire TV series as well as the 2001 theatrical movie, Saiyuki Requiem.


The original anime series is distributed in North America by ADV Films and comprises 50 episodes, which has a large amount of material added for the anime. The sequels Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock are licensed by Geneon in North America, and consist of 25 and 26 episodes respectively. Saiyuki Reload is faithful to the manga from the fourteenth episode and onward, having deviated from it for the first 13 episodes. Saiyuki Reloaded Gunlock also starts off deviated from the manga, until midway into the series, but strays from it during its finale. Due to the change in licensing, the English voice cast is not consistent throughout all three series, and the characterization and general feel of the series may change noticeably in the second and third installments.

Enoki Films holds the US license to Saiyuki under the title Saiyuki: Paradise Raiders, yet ADV chose not to use this subtitle. There has also been a movie (Saiyuki: Requiem) adapted into English that is also licensed by ADV. A new OVA has been released by Studio Pierrot, which covers the "Burial" arc of the Saiyuki Reload manga; it is called Saiyuki Burial.

Minekura Kazuya has announced from Saiyuki Festa '09 an upcoming Saiyuki Gaiden OVA. The OVA will be released this Spring 2011

TV adaptations

Gensoumaden Saiyuki (2000) Saiyuki Reload (2003) Saiyuki Reload:Gunlock (2004) Saiyuki Reload:Blast (2017)


Saiyuki reload

Saiyuki gunlock



Saiyuki Requiem (2001)


Interactive Game

Saiyuki: Kibo no Zaika (2002)


Independent Production

Saiyuki Premium OVA (1999)

Saiyuki 056

Original Video Animation

Titled OVA as the scenes are taken from the original manga.
Saiyuki Reload:Burial OVA (2007)

Saiyuki burial

Saiyuki Gaiden OVA (2011)

Anime sai gaiden