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Blood of a Thousand Youkai 【千の妖怪の血 Sen no Youkai no Chi】 (Sai. Vol 4 - Continuous)

☆ A popular belief in Shangri-la that says “if one bathes in the blood of a thousand youkai, one will become a youkai,” but like the belief that “devouring the flesh of a virtuous monk will make one undying and un-aging,” it’s supposedly just a rumor. It is also speculated that the reason Hakkai actually changed into a youkai might have been because he had accumulated so much negative pathos within his body. It’s not that Chin Yisou was the thousandth youkai, nor is there any need to worry that Sanzo might later turn into a youkai (laughs).

Known characters that turned into Youkai

  • Cho Gonou (Cho Hakkai) - He is the only one in the manga.
  • The General of Huanglong - In the anime only (Saiyuki ep. 18) the Sanzo Party come across a group of anti-demon Mercenaries. While raiding their camp in order to save Yaone who has been captured, the true form of the General is taken. Before he attacks, the General shouts: "Did you know that the one that bathes in the blood of a thousand demons becomes a demon himself. It doesn't matter how much; bath in it, and this is what you get!"
  • Xenon - Xenon is a god that only appears in the second season of Saiyuki and for a brief moment in Saiyuki Gaiden Manga. He killed thousands of youkai in the name of heaven. He wears an eye patch that is his power limiter.
  • Go Dougan - also became a Youkai this way, but he only appears in the Saiyuki Movie 'Requiem'. He committed the crime of killing a thousand youkai in order to impress Genjo Sanzo, to become as "bloodthirsty and ruthless as Hakkai".