Gensoumaden Saiyuki
Jeep 131.png
Directed by Hayato Date
Series author Minekura Kazuya
Network TV Tokyo
Animation Studio Studio Pierrot
Number of episodes 50
Series run 4 April 2000 – 27 March 2001

Series Information

Many years ago, humans and demons lived in harmony. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao - an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, Genjo Sanzo, a rogue priest, must team up with three demons - Sha Gojyo,Son Goku, andCho Hakkai - and embark on a perilous journey to the west to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumaoh and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth.[1]


TV opening

  1. 01: "FOR REAL" by Hidenori Tokuyama (ep. 01-26)
  2. 02: "Still Time" by Hidenori Tokuyama (ep. 27-50)

TV ending

  1. 01: "Tightrope" by Charcoal Filter (ep. 01-26)
  2. 02: "Alone" by Mikuni Shimokawa (ep. 27-50)

Episode Guide

Episode # Title Sub Title In Manga
01 To the Distant West Go To the West Sai. Vol 1, intro
02 A Guide to the Nether World First Game Sai. Vol 1, ch. 01-03
03 Where the Gods Are His God, My God Sai. Vol 1, ch. 04-05
04 Crimson Tears Crimson Sai. Vol 2, ch. 06-07
05 A Beautiful Assassin Pure Assassin Sai. Vol 2, ch. 08-09
06 Unnatural Talismanic Monk Rancorous Exchange Sai. Vol 2, ch. 10-11
07 A Twilight Farewell Good night Sai. Vol 3, ch. 12-14
08 The Man Who Foretells Death Confront Sai. Vol 3, ch. 15-16
09 Fight Party Lethal Trap Sai. Vol 3, ch. 17
10 False Saviors Fake the Face N/A
11 The Laughing Grim Reaper Tragic Revenge Sai. Vol 4, ch. 18-20
12 Battle Against the Darkness Wondering Destiny Sai. Vol 4, ch. 21-22
13 Fruit That Summons Death Crude Counterfeit N/A
14 Their Promise Sweet Client N/A
15 The Binding Spell of Crimson Fated Guys Sai. Vol 5, ch. 24-25
16 An Ode to the Living Be There Sai. Vol 5, ch. 26-27
17 Eternal Paradise Eden N/A
18 The Truth of Justice Vice or Justice N/A
19 Maidens of Sorrow Don't Go Alone N/A
20 The Quicksand Trap Sandstorm Sai. Vol 5, ch. 28-29
21 Berserking Towards Destruction Selfish Sai. Vol 6, ch. 30-32
22 The End of Battle Devastation Sai. Vol 6, ch. 32-34
23 The Price of Submission Scapegoat N/A
24 Crimson Bond Mother N/A
25 Horrifying Assassin! Tomfool! Tomboy! N/A
26 The Cry That Does Not Reach Calling N/A
27 The War Prince Descends Advent N/A
28 The Launch of Rebellion Lonely War Sai. Gaiden Vol 1, ch. 01
29 The Fall of Houtou Castle Unexpected Defeat N/A
30 An Invitation to Hell Undertaker N/A
31 The Arrogance of the Gods Ambition N/A
32 The Pride of Clowns Fake Star Strike Back N/A
33 Dried Up Tears Faraway Dream N/A
34 The War Prince Once Again Second Contact N/A
35 Solitary Soul Solitude N/A
36 Crimson Flower Brotherhood N/A
37 The Smile That Was Locked Away Taciturnity N/A
38 38 Unfulfilled Promise Fleeting Vision N/A
39 Rain Misty Rain N/A
40 The Irate Sun Twilight Sai. Gaiden Vol 1, ch. 01-03
41 Quiet Expulsion Collage Sai. Gaiden Vol 1, ch. 03-05
42 Unforgettable View Festival N/A
43 False Town Tears N/A
44 Scripture Stolen Plunderer N/A
45 Before Dawn Glorious Days N/A
46 The Trembling Earth Chaos N/A
47 Kaizai Guilty or Not Guilty N/A
48 Door to Freedom Absolutely Heaven N/A
49 Shining Paradise Missing Desire N/A
50 Westward Alone Sai. Gaiden Vol 2, ch. 06-09
Sai. Ch. Vol 1, ch. 35



N/A - not related to the manga

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