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Gourd Saiyuki Manga

Gourd 【瓢箪 Hyoutan】 (Sai. Vol 7-8)

☆ The disgusting gourd Kinkaku had. It sent out tentacles as though it were alive, and sucked up the “chi” lost in the attack. This too is thought to be made of a combination of science and youkai magic. Kinkaku said he received it from Kami-sama, and the one who gave it to Kami-sama was Ukoku. It was destroyed by Gojyo randomly firing off Sanzo’s gun.

☆ There are being akin to lifeless shikigami inside the gourd. The main monster tries to kill Goku and Hakkai while they are trapped inside the Gourd. This is the 1st time in which we get to see Hakkai take off his limiters when he kills it.

Gourd Monster Manga

Goku and Hakkai are trapped in the Gourd; Saiyuki Vol. 7