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Jiroushin Gensoumaden 001
Kanji 【二郎神】
Race God
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eye Color Violet
Status Alive
Manga Debut Sai Vol 1, ch. 01
Anime Debut Saiyuki Ep. 02
Seiyuu Ishii Takao
Kazuaki Ito (伊藤和晃) (In Saiyuki Blast)
English Todd Wait (in Saiyuki)
Steve Kramer (in Sai R. & Sai R Gun.)
John Swasey (Saiyuki Gaiden OVA)
Stage Horiike Naotaka

Jiroushin (二郎神) is Kanzeon Bosatsu’s loyal assistant who is always at her side. He works very hard, but is never recognized for his efforts.


Jiroushin is most likely younger than he appears, but his appearance makes him look like a worry wart of an old man, with his grayish-white hair and mustache. He has a Chakra on his forehead (similar to the Sanbutsushin and Kenren) which shows that he is from a high-ranked family. He wears a warrior-like outfit which bears resemblance to the armor of Japanese feudal-era samurai and black boots.


Jiroushin has always been a very loyal assistant and a confidant of Kanzeon Bosatsu, but usually he is simply under her thumb. His job is mostly painfully and constantly reminding Kanzeon about her over flowing amount of paperwork and to control herself in the presence of certain company. He still respects Kanzeon from the bottom of his heart. Aside from work, Jiroushin is also her companion and friend. The two of them have often been seen playing Shogi together. His hobby is putting together model ships in bottles.