Genjo Sharak Sanzo Makai Tenjo 001

Makai Tenjō 【魔戒天浄】 (Sai. Vol 1 - Continuous)

☆ Literally known as "Demon Warning Heaven Cleanse", this is the big attack Genjo Sanzo unleashes with the Maten Sutra. As the name implies, it has the power to “ward [戒 kai] against evil [魔 ma] and purify [浄 jou] unto heaven [天 ten]”. It’s a skill that instantaneously sends to heaven anything in its surroundings that falls under “evil”, but is ineffective against normal humans.

The Heart Sutra intoned before unleashing the attack is taken from the Sanskrit mantra "Om mani padme hum" (romanized in Japanese as "on mani hatsu mei un" and is often translated as "the jewel is in the lotus"), which is to activate the sutra and to unify the user’s spirit; it is possible to unleash the attack without the intonation (Sanzo even used it underwater), but the power may markedly decrease according to the difference in concentration.[1]

Another notable tactic is to use the sutra against targets who think they've won just because they've had their hands on the sutra; this is mainly due to the fact that Sanzo can even activate it without having it, as long as he knows the mantra.


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