Minekura Doujin

Note: This section only features doujin originals from Kazuya Minekura. No fanworks are posted here.

Early Doujinshi (1992-1997)

Saiyuki was published in the November 1992 issue of COMIC GENKI. Her revised version of the concept and characters began appearing in offerings from her Studio Backgammon in 1994.Studio Backgammon started producing offset-printed Saiyuki doujinshi in 1995--first as higher-quality reprints of the 1994 work and the "pilot version," and then presenting new material. Studio Backgammon also sold various designs of Saiyuki stationery from 1995 to 1997.

Doujin # Doujin info

Neo Gandhara

by Studio Backgammon

B5 size

36 pages

Manga. Reprints "Saiyuuki," Kazuya Minekura's 24-page manga story first published in the November 1992 issue of COMIC GENKI, plus new material.


Saiyuki Kaiteban Festa.

Printed 3/21/1995

28 pages

Manga. Reprints the contents of June 1994 copybook "Utage - FESTA" (which gathered "Tenshou," "Saiyuuki Yokokuhen: Suna No Utage" and "Rakuyou"; these three 1994 Saiyuuki manga stories probably originally appeared in Studio Backgammon papers), plus new material.


Saiyuuki 1

28 pages

Printed 11/23/1995; second printing 3/31/1996

Manga; features Act One "Black List" (a different version of what would become the professional Saiyuki manga's prologue chapter "Go to the West").


Saiyuuki 2

32 pages

Printed 6/02/1996; second printing 12/29/1996

Manga; features Act Two "Mother Doll" (introduces the Kougaiji-ikkou).



24 pages

Printed 12/1997

Manga: all character gag and serious.

Minekura joining publishing companies

Composed a list of existing doujins distributed with the help of the current publisers.

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  • Saiyuki Anthology