Minus Wave 【負の波動 Mainasu no Hadou】 (Sai. Vol 1 - Continuous)

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The Minus Wave is a malevolent energy that has pervaded the land of Shangri-la, turning youkai into human predators and shattering the peace between the humans and youkai in Shangri la.

☆ The Minus Wave was produced as the result of breaking one of the taboos set down by the heavens. In this case, the taboo broken was the mixing of Science and Magic. The Gyumaoh Resurrection Experiment combined science with youkai magic. Most youkai succumb to its effects, reverting to their full youkai forms. After a period of madness, they tend to regain control but with a new, evil sense of self that sees humans as prey. Youkai at this stage are normally beyond redemption and can only be exterminated.

☆ The Minus Wave does not affect all youkai equally. The effects can vary between individuals depending on each youkai's situation. Juveniles will not feel the full effects, but the effects are assumed to grow with age. Youkai like Hakkai who maintain enough sense of self to keep on their Youkai Power Limiter are accorded some protection as long as they keep it on, but in a moment of weakness they can be convinced like other youkai to remove it, in which case the full force of the Minus Wave can hit them. Hanyou like Gojyo have some youkai blood in them so can at least feel the Minus Wave; however, their unusual lineage means the exact strength and effects are difficult to predict.

☆ The Minus Wave only affects those with youkai blood. Sanzo is not affected as he is a human, and Goku is not affected as he is a Heretic with no youkai heritage.