Son Goku Nyoibo

Nyoibo 【如意棒 Nyoibou lit. Compliant Pole】 (Sai. Vol 1 - Continuous) or 如意金箍棒 Nyoi Kinko Bou lit. Compliant Gold Rim Pole

Goku’s weapon. On top of becoming a three-sectioned staff, it’s a useful item that pops out of nowhere when needed. Like its name implies, it easily grows and shrinks according to Goku’s will. It’s unknown how long it can stretch, and we have yet to see it shrink. This weapon is based on the original Ruyi Jingu Bang used by Sun Wukong, with the exact same name in both Traditional Chinese and Japanese, but only in the on'yomi reading (only minus the characters for "gold rim"). The weapon's design is no doubt based on the more popular versions of the staff that have a red-colored base and golden accents on both ends of the shaft.

☆ Nyoibo was sealed away in a Jar for being a weapon of Youkaiic power along with Gojyo's Shakujo. Gojyo and Goku accidentally broke the jar when they were messing around while cleaning up.

☆ The Nyoibo also has another form known as the Nyoi Sansetsukon (如意三節棍 lit. Compliant Three Section Staff), where it can transform into of course, a three section staff for more possible uses.