Saiyuki Reload Gunlock
Directed by Tetsuya Endo
Series author Minekura Kazuya
Network TV Tokyo
Number of episodes 26
Series run April 1, 2004 - September 23, 2004
Saiyuki Reload Blast (Anime)

Series Information

The Sanzo party continues its westward journey, on a mission to prevent a demonic resurrection. As Genjo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku fight their way to their goal, their path is fraught with internal strife. When they encounter a formidable pair of adversaries from the west, the cohesion of the group -- and the fate of the mission -- may be at stake.

(Episode 15-26 borrows from the manga Saiyuki Reload vol. 5-10, but doesn't follow it.)


TV opening

TV ending

  1. 01: "Mitsumeteitai" by Flow-war
  2. 02: "Shiro no Jumon" by doa

Episode Guide

Episode # Title Sub-title Manga Equivalent
01 Temple of Demons Nest N/A
02 Nightmare Unleashed Rabbits Sai. Vol 8, ch. 44
03 Raging Torrent Against the Stream Sai R.Vol 02, act. 06-07
04 Encounter Fake Sai R. Vol 02, act. 08-10
05 Combat The Opponent Sai R. Vol 02, act. 10-11
06 Awakening Back Sai R. Vol 02, act. 11-13
07 Cursed Board Game Inevitable Game N/A
08 The Red-Haired Woman Stupid Woman N/A
09 Showdown Muzzle N/A
10 Buried Dream Snow Drop Sai R. Vol 02, act. 02-03
11 Hakkai Runs Away From Home?! Reflection N/A
12 Mansion of Marionettes Two Faces N/A
13 The Man From the West Open Your Eyes N/A
14 The Whereabouts of the Miracle Pilgrim N/A
15 To the Limits of Mourning Death Wish N/A
16 Revival Sympathy N/A
17 Onslaught Intruder N/A
18 Misgivings Hesitation N/A
19 Reminiscence Deprivation N/A
20 Rift Misunderstanding N/A
21 The Man Who Was Revived Desperado N/A
22 Strategy Checkmate N/A
23 Breakthrough Battle Royal N/A
24 Mortal Combat Sunny Day N/A
25 The Thing That Should Be Protected Truth N/A
26 Lamentation Close Your Eyes N/A


N/A - not related to the manga