Sanzo gensoumaden saiyuki
Sanzo Priest 【三蔵法師 Sanzou Houshi】(Sai. Vol 1, intro - Continuous)[1]

It is the title bestowed upon the protector of the “Sutras from the Dawn of Time,” said to have been elemental in the creation of this world.

Sealed within each of the five pieces that comprise the “Sutras from the Dawn of Time” are great holy powers. It is said that when all five parts are combined, they have the power to destroy the world. And so, to prevent such powers from being used for ill, five wise and brave monks are selected to guard over each sutra.

Thus, when one ascends to the rank of Sanzou priest, he obtains the great holy power of the sutra. It would be no exaggeration to say that he will hold the greatest authority in Shangri-la along with it. When the person becomes Sanzou, a red chakra will appear on his or her forehead, a proof that the person has been chosen and approved by the Gods. Ukoku Sano remains the only known Sanzou who doesn't have a chakra.

Known Sanzo Priests


  • Before Tenkai Sanzo, there were other youkais who became a Sanzo Priest.
  • In Saiyuki Ibun Chapter 6, we can see a youkai Sanzo talking to Jikaku along with the other two Sanzo Priests.


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