Sha Gojyo Shakujo 001
Shakujo 【錫杖 Shakujou lit. Copper Staff, Khakkhara or Bishop's Staff】(Sai. Vol 1 - Continuous)

Sha Gojyo’s weapon, which is in the form of a metal staff with a spade-shaped blade on one end, and a crescent moon-shaped blade on the other, which the latter is attatched to a chain inside the staff. He thus freely controls an endlessly extending chain and uses it like a chain-and-sickle. Similar to the Nyoibo, it can be pulled out at any time. It’s strange how, no matter how many times it’s supposedly been broken or the chain’s been cut, before you know it, it’s fixed.

☆ Shakujo was sealed away in a Jar for being a weapon of Youkaiic power along with Goku's Nyoibo. He broke the jar with Goku when they were messing around while cleaning up.

☆ Although always called a shakujo in the series, it is actually a variation on a yueyachan/getsugasen ("moon fang spade" or "monk's spade") The weapon carried by his origin character, Sha Wujing/Friar Sand, in the original Journey to the West.