Shangri La Saiyuki 001

Shangri-la 【桃源郷 Tougenkyou】

☆ The official continent name is unknown. It is widely known as “Shangri-la” due to it being a sacred place where humans and youkai mix and coexist, and where the connection with heaven is the strongest. Because it has one type of civilization and faith, it is a conceptual utopia-like (non-existent) place that few from other continents set foot in.

☆ In Shangri-la too, the balance was broken by the Minus Wave that pushed in from the West several years previous, and due to the youkais’ reckless and violent turn, Shangri-la has fallen into a state where youkai and humans can no longer coexist. However, according to some like Banri, there was a status gap between humans and youkai from long before, and the Minus Wave “incident” was nothing more than a turning point to solidify the gap.

☆ Although Shangri-la takes pride in its rich culture, it’s behind the times in terms of information (telephones, etc.) and means of transportation (vehicles).