Stuffed Rabbit Saiyuki

Stuffed Rabbit 【うさぎのヌイグルミ Usagi no Nuigurumi】 (Sai. Vol 5 -Continuous)

☆ The stuffed animal Ni Jianyi always carries around with him. It doesn’t really have a name. The “Muten Sutra” Priest Ukoku holds was stitched inside. As though to camouflage it, he surrounds himself with rabbit things (his cup, his slippers, even his watch), and plays the role of a strange, rabbit-loving guy. There are many stupid scenes where he moves the bunny and makes it speak like a ventriloquist’s act, but if you look at how the bunny nods at what Professor Nii says, the stuffed animal is a symbol of Nii’s double personality.