Suika (萃香) is a youkai that feeds on painful memories and only appeared during the Saiyuki Reload anime filler, Slumbering Memories and Rescue.



The man's grave

Long ago, a youkai capable of seeing and extracting people's pasts fell in love with a human man. She knew the man was burdened by a painful memory and that it caused him great suffering but she did not extract the memory from him. For one, he did not desire it and the youkai believed she could soothe his pain with her own love, so she continued to devote herself to him. But one day, the man took his own life. Whether the youkai was left with regret or hatred towards the man, no one knows, but to this day she extracts the memories of every person she encounters without hesitation.


Meeting Sanzo party

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Rescuing Sanzo party

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Suika's ability allows her to see people's pasts and consume their haunting memories. She is able to gain access to their memories by singing her lullaby at night while the victims are asleep.