Western Army First Unit is the unit where Tenpou and Kenren belong. The unit has 16 members. Tenpou is the Field Marshal while Kenren is the General. They appeared in Saiyuki Gaiden, Koubana no Shou and Tenjou no Ari.



The final battle of the First Unit

Tenpou and Kenren have a close bond with their men, and their motto is “We will fight together until the end.” When Konzen, Kenren, Tenpou and Goku attempted to escape to the Lower World and later encountered Enrai and his men surrounding them. The first unit came into fight for their superiors. Kenren and Tenpou told them to not to get involved, they had officially resigned as members of Heaven's army earlier and were no longer their superiors. However, for the First Unit exclaimed that they don't

Tenpou's final order

need orders because it's independent and that's the purpose of their unit.

In Tenpou’s last order, he ordered them to kill all Second Unit in the room and do not let a single person who'd seen them leave alive. After Tenpou and Kenren left, Rikuou encouraged his fellow First Unit that they will complete the mission and it will be their final battle. Whether that means they realized this was their last fight and were prepared to face death (or the equivalent of death in Heaven, reincarnation into the lower world) or another meaning all together.

In Koubana no Shou, it was revealed that all of them died.

Members of First Unit

Konzen 186

Known members left


  • Tenpou trains his unit through baseball games (or another sport based on the manga he was reading).
  • They originally consisted of 13 members, but it was Eizen's decision to recruit 1 more. Apparently he heard in the Lower World that "13 is an unlucky number".